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Meet the World's Next Energy Superpower

By Alan W. Dowd, ASCF Senior Fellow December 2, 2016 @ 1:16pm


For the first time since the beginning of the global financial crisis in 2008, OPEC’s members have agreed to cut supplies. The cartel of oil-exporting nations will cut 1.2 million barrels from its daily output starting in January. Oil (and gasoline) prices rose in response, but the market’s reaction was nothing like past OPEC-induced gyrations. The reason: there’s a new oil-producing power on the scene.



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Iran Considers Renewal of US Sanctions a Violation of Nuclear Deal

By VOA News December 2, 2016 @ 9:16am


Iran is threatening to retaliate after the U.S. Senate gave Congress’ final approval to an extension of the American sanctions against Iran that lawmakers of both parties said is crucial to enforcing the international nuclear accord with Tehran.

“Iran has proved that it sticks to its international agreements, but it also has appropriate responses for all situations,” said Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi. “The extension of sanctions by the U.S. Congress is a violation of the deal.”

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South Korea Postpones Impeachment Vote

By VOA News December 2, 2016 @ 9:08am

South Korea's National Assembly announced Friday the vote to impeach President Park Geun-hye has been postponed until December 9.

The president has been embroiled in a multi-million-dollar influence peddling scandal that has decimated her image as a strong and incorruptible leader. But if Park's offer to resign earlier this week was a political ploy to upend impeachment efforts underway, as opposition lawmakers contend, it apparently worked.

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Gitmo prisoner reveals: Saudi “deradicalization program” is really a jihad training program

By Jihad Watch com December 2, 2016 @ 9:02am


“You guys want to send me back to Saudi Arabia because you believe there is a de-radicalization program on the surface. True. You are 100 percent right, there is a strong — externally, a strong — de-radicalization program. But make no mistake, underneath there is a hidden radicalization program. There is a very hidden strong — way stronger in magnitude — broader in financing, in all that.” Al-Sharbi added that the Saudis are “encouraging” former detainees “to fight their jihad in the States.”

Deradicalization programs, upon which the West has placed so much hope, have long been an obvious failure. Such programs are based on the premise that the true teachings of Islam are peaceful, and so all that needs to be done is show the jihadis how they’re misunderstanding the Qur’an and overlooking its teachings of peace, and all will be well.

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Retired Marine General Mattis is Trump's Defense Secretary Pick

By VOA News December 2, 2016 @ 8:57am

President-elect Donald Trump has picked retired Marine General James Mattis as his defense secretary, but Mattis will need a change in a federal law to be able to take the job.

Trump, appearing at a postelection victory rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, Thursday night, made his choice official after a day of unconfirmed media reports.

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