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Project Energy Independence:


America spends almost a billion dollars per day on foreign oil, bankrolling dictators who reinvest our money to support terrorist groups that despise our freedom and way of life. Indeed, the security costs associated with maintaining the energy status quo have been enormous for America.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.


It’s time to tap in to America’s vast petroleum reserves and replace every drop of OPEC oil with domestically-produced energy. With billions of barrels of oil recently discovered in the Arctic—much of it in Alaskan territory—and billions more in North Dakota, Montana, the U.S. swath of the Gulf of Mexico and the outer continental shelf, America’s conventional oil reserves now top 274 billion barrels.


But the good news doesn’t end there: Oil-shale deposits in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming contain some 3 trillion barrels of oil, and oil-sands deposits in Utah hold as much as 19 billion barrels.


These oil reserves are not limitless, but they are dependable and accessible—and more than enough to carry us to the post-petro economy. It all comes down to will.



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