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US House to Vote on Gun Legislation, Ryan Says

By American Security Council Foundation ASCF July 1, 2016 @ 8:02am

The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives will vote next week on a bill aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists.

A week after Democrats staged a nearly 26-hour sit-in demanding a vote on gun control measures, Speaker Paul Ryan told fellow Republicans of the vote in a conference call Thursday.  

Ryan said the House would vote on a broad bill that will include measures to prevent radicalization and recruitment by extremist groups, as well as a provision to stop suspected terrorists from buying guns.

Ryan called it "just common sense'' to keep firearms from terrorists, but said it must be done while protecting the right to own guns.

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China Sea Dispute Drives Interest in India's Anti-ship Missile

By American Security Council Foundation ASCF July 1, 2016 @ 7:59am

India’s plans to sell advanced missile systems to countries like Vietnam got a boost this week after New Delhi joined an exclusive global club of countries controlling the export of missile technology.
Security analysts say membership in the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) will also give India more leverage to overcome Chinese resistance in New Delhi's bid to join another another elite group controlling nuclear commerce; the Nuclear Suppliers Group.
One of the main weapons system India is set to export is the supersonic cruise BrahMos missile being produced by an Indo-Russian joint venture. The missile has a range of about 290 km and can be fired from land, sea and submarine.

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Asia Braces for Rising Protectionism From US, Europe

By American Security Council Foundation ASCF July 1, 2016 @ 7:57am

Export dependent countries in Asia are growing increasingly concerned that the growing populist anger in the U.S. and Europe against perceived unfair trade policies could lead to a global economic slowdown.

“Rising protectionism could throw sand in the wheels of the global trading system and so start to gum it up,” said Frederic Neumann, a managing director of the HSBC Bank’s Asian economics research in Hong Kong.

Voter frustration with the job losses in industrialized countries due to globalization and free trade policies have been prominent issues in both the recent Brexit vote in Britain to leave the European Union and the U.S. presidential election.

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Chechen Suspected in Istanbul Attack, but Questions Remain

By American Security Council Foundation ASCF July 1, 2016 @ 7:44am

Responsibility for Tuesday's Istanbul airport attack is centering on one key suspect: Akhmad Chataev, a man with a long history of involvement in jihadist activities, beginning in Chechnya and ending in Syria.

At least 44 people were killed and more than 230 others wounded Tuesday when three men attacked Ataturk airport, Turkey's largest, first opening fire with automatic rifles and then detonating bombs attached to their bodies. Turkish officials say they believe the attack was carried out by Islamic State fighters.

The three suicide attackers who carried out the devastating attack in Istanbul were nationals of Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, Western news agencies reported Thursday, quoting a senior Turkish official.

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Smugglers Use Uber-registered Drivers to Move Migrants to US Border

By American Security Council Foundation ASCF July 1, 2016 @ 7:37am

Human traffickers are finding increasingly creative ways of shuttling Central American migrants through Mexico to the U.S. border and that includes hiring Uber-registered drivers.

On June 10, five vehicles carrying 34 Central American migrants were apprehended while traveling together between the northern Mexican states of Zacatecas and Coahuila, said Segismundo Doguin, a Coahuila state official at the National Migration Institute (INM).

Four of the vehicles were linked to the Uber Technologies platform, Doguin said, but it was unclear whether the human smugglers had hailed the drivers using the Uber app

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