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Energy Independence

By April 20, 2017

Region: North America

Topic: Energy Independence


The American Security Council has had a profound impact on foreign policy and national security through its strategy of Peace Through Strength, which was referenced by VP Pence during his recent visit with Japans Prime Minister when he stated “the U.S. knows peace comes through strength”. There are several pieces that make up the Peace Through Strength model one of which is energy independence. Recently the white house released the Presidents energy independence policy which was a much needed reform. The executive order signed by President Trump reverses severe regulations previously placed on American Jobs and energy production. The overreach of the government must be scaled back to let capitalism and growth strive. With the U.S. now poised to seek more development of our Nation’s vast energy resources we will subsequently reduce our oil imports from hostile nations thus limiting their ability to support and finance ISIS and other terrorist regimes. This new energy independence policy puts us one step closer to achieving Peace Through Strength. Let’s make sure our elected officials in Washington continue to focus on the importance of energy independence.


Photo: USA Today

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This entry posted on Thursday, April 20th, 2017 a30 11:29 AM and is filed under Energy Independence.